Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An Open Christmas List

Friends, family, and visitors: I present my 2010 Christmas list!

I decided to do it in blog form so I could do running updates. Those who are actually getting gifts for me, I sent you this link, therefore, I don't have my name here.

LAST UPDATE: December 12, 2010
1. A good water bottle (Nalgene, perhaps?)
High capacity, easy to open and shut, wide mouth, etc.
2. Super Mario All-Stars Wii (limited edition!)
$29.99, local retailers
3. Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit
4. A nice CD pocket case, similar to one that holds the Performa-era CDs. I have about two of cheaper ones that are hard to get CDs in and out and are bulky.
5. A deep-fat fryer, a smaller model resembling a crockpot (runs for about $25)
6. Subscription to Nintendo Power
7. WarioWare DIY and/or Super Scribblenauts
8. iPod AV cable (runs for about $30-$40)
9. Computer software is always nice (I'm getting Windows for my MacBook, but prefer Mac software)
10. Older (Mac) books, acquired at used bookstores, or if you have some kicking around
11. Gift cards are fine too!,, Half-Price Books, Walmart, Target...
12. If you can find a relatively cheap (<$20) copy of "Game Over" by David Sheff that would be appreciated
(it either has the rather large subtitle of "How Nintendo Zapped an American Industry, Captured Your Dollars, and Enslaved Your Children" or "How Nintendo Conquered the World" or "Press Start to Continue")
13. A game controller, resembling a PS3 controller (but with USB connection)
14. Used magazines (model railroading, MacAddict, Mac|Life, Nintendo Power) if you can find them at a reasonable price
15. Monk Season 3 or 5, maybe?

I might add some more things to this, but this seems to be it

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