Friday, December 13, 2013

What to write

The hard thing about a blog (and now a website) is what to write. No more politics (at least very often)...that seems bitter and won't make you friends. Video games too make you seem like an embittered nerd. Stuff that would be better on Facebook is too narcissistic. I suppose what I should do is just what strikes my fancy, I suppose.

Frankly, general blog writing should take a backseat to the new things coming up. I plan to launch another feature "Carbon-izer U", featuring educational stuff, and of course plan to pad out those others up there, but I need server space (Dropbox seems a bit risky to host HTML pages on long term). That's why, when linking to the stuff that I have up there now, don't link directly to them. That all should be sorted out later.

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