Monday, December 17, 2012

This Picture Is Just Awesome

From Wikipedia, this glorious shot of Breezewood, Pennsylvania:

What makes it awesome, you say? Not the fact that the road is actually an Interstate highway (yes, with stoplights--but such a thing used to be more common...after all, there used to be an actual active railroad crossing in Austin, Texas until 1970) and I can see an old Shell sign (ALL of the ones of that yellow-on-red style were replaced by 2006 with the yellow-with-red-border-on-white or they lost their license), Subway (last time I saw one of those was in 2011 and that was VERY rare), Taco Bell (also a rarity, mostly disappeared by the early 2000s), etc.

In fact, most of this picture could pass for the early 1990s if not for the modern signs of Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and Shell.

Sadly, this was taken six years ago, so most of this is probably gone by now. Personally, I like to think there should be always examples of unrenovated things around: I saw a largely-intact Kroger Greenhouse building across from a still-operating old school Taco Bell in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Despite my general consensus that buffets are generally revolting, it's too bad there are no known examples any more of say, the Wendy's Superbar, though some modern KFCs offer buffets.

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