Sunday, June 10, 2012

E3 2012

E3 came and passed away, hardly seemed to last a day, but it's over, and what can I do?

E3 2012 was probably one the worse E3s I've seen in a while. Nothing to get excited about from any console:

- The PlayStation Vita, which I've seen but heard practically nothing about, didn't get a whole lot beyond LittleBigPlanet 2
- Nintendo was supposed to reveal more of the Wii U but all we got was Pikmin 3. I don't even know right now if Wii U is actually next-gen. And this is a console releasing this Christmas?!
- The Nintendo 3DS, which was saved from being a total failure, saw Luigi's Mansion 2, which everyone has heard about. No new 3DS games or remakes, except maybe Project P-100.
- No Wii games notable. All in all, the Wii was a rather disappointing console.
- Neither Sony or Microsoft showed off next-gen consoles. Halo 4 and Internet Explorer for Xbox 360 were shown.
- No Half-Life 3 or Episode 3.
- SimCity (2013) did nothing to quell my fears about the game. In addition to the always-online Origin integration, and the fact it resembles Cities XL both graphically (cartoonish, flat graphics), and the like, plus some goofy "tilt-shift" effect that doesn't even LOOK like a SimCity game, at shames me to say that SimCity Social looks like a better game. I mean, at least it LOOKS like a SimCity title (plus, the trailers slammed CityVille). That's not say SimCity Social would be a better game, because both of them, in all honestly, look pretty terrible.

I don't know why I even care about Nintendo or its ilk. While there is a joy in playing games on a huge screen, and I enjoy Mario and Zelda (and Nintendo in general), I am bred to be a PC game player.

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