Monday, April 23, 2012

Campus shots

Some of these will be utilized in a better fashion on my other blog soon enough. That and Wikimapia.

The Student Computing Center, built at the same time (and attached to) the Evans Library Annex. Unfortunately, it doesn't have interior access.

This was outside the William A. McKenzie Terminal, on the far side of campus. It's kind of neat because it shows the MSC's expansions over the years, including the original 1950s structure (top part), 70's (south part), and ~1989 part (east part with the now-demolished portico). It doesn't show the late 2000s rebuild, though.

Zachry Engineering Building, with chandelier. This is just awesome.

Early morning outside of Reed Arena, there was a Cirque du Soleil show coming up.

Detail of the MSC's bookstore entrance, compare and contrast with this shot:

What I really wanted to do was show the old "Memorial Student Center" labelscar above the Barnes & Noble sign, but alas, my phone isn't good enough.

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