Friday, October 7, 2011

Carbonizer isn't dead

I haven't posted since September 26th, which is a relatively short time for many blogs (some may have a hiatus of up to a year, and then never quite post again after that) but I've become kind of less and less interested in Carbonizer! and more time pursuing other projects. One of the reasons is that I started to realize that Carbonizer started to become Two Way Roads II in several aspects, including a continual (yet subconscious) delusion that I actually HAVE followers.

- The webcomic I've been planning is still in planning (I made two strips, but wasn't satisfied with the art) and will focus more on wacky college hijinks rather than the wacky college hijinks+overarching story+sociopolitical commentary I've been planning. It probably won't bring anything new to the webcomic world, although it is designed for all environments: I can't be accused of Cerebus Syndrome because it's already built for that.

- You've probably heard of the death of Steve Jobs. An amazing visionary and creator of so many wonderful things, my appreciation for Steve Jobs waned as he did several things with the Mac and the iPhone that I wasn't too fond of, with Mac OS X Lion being one of them.

- In the Electric Light Orchestra album Time (which is amazing, by the way), I'm surprised that no one on the 'net has mentioned that on 2:09 on "Here is the News", one of the soundbites is "RadioShack programs".

- One of the things at Simtropolis is another SimCity-like proposal. Given the discontent with the abysmal SimCity Societies, Cities XL, which was talked about, planned, and over-hyped only to be a major disappointment, and about half a dozen cancelled fan ideas, I'm curious to how this ultimately turns out.

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